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Work with LCA

Since 2017 the Editorial Board has been receiving applications—through the participating Leibniz-Societies and from individuals—for authoring entries in the Dictionary of Leibniz’s Correspondents and Acquaintances. Write to us if you would like to propose as an author.

From this page, it is possible to consult the working list of Leibniz's correspondents that is currently in use for the management of the LCA Project. For a more comfortable perusal, the list has been divided into sublists, each containing one or more initial letters, supplemented with those correspondents connected to letters written by Leibniz under another person's name:

A | B | C-D | E-F | G-H | I-J-K | L | M | N-O-P | Q-R | S | T-U-V | W-Z | L4X

List production and sources

The list has been produced by Matteo Favaretti, Margherita Palumbo and Enrico Pasini and is maintained by the Project staff (

The original list has been put together by merging lists of person names in assorted databases (an old Correspondents DB, the online Ritterkatalog,…)  that, at different times, have been publicly available. The list has been cleaned from duplications and variants, and the persons corresponding to the names have been identified and classified with the help of the following sources (the most relevant of which are indicated in the list for each correspondent):

Personen- und Korrespondenz-Datenbank der Leibniz-Edition
Bodemann's Briefwechsel
Biogramm (short biography) in the Akademie-Ausgabe
Both online versions of the Ritter- / Arbeitskatalog

The original list of around 3860 entries has been reduced in July 2016 to 2590 entries, distinguishing where possible between proper correspondents, indirect correspondents, persons on whose behalf Leibniz writes, and other persons (possible acquaintances, references to contexts, unidentified or unknown). The list of ‘true’ correspondents + presumed correspondents has been trimmed to around 1630 entries. We estimate at present that the final list of correspondents might comprise between 1300 and 1400 names, or slightly more.

Only names that have been identified as correspondents appear in the working lists that are linked from this page.

Guidelines for the authors of entries (both texts and metadata, to be provided in English, although they may also be translated into other languages) will be published on the back-office site. Entries are published with a DOI identifier and mirrored in an institutional repository; the textual parts will be licensed under a CC-BY-SA license; the metadata under a CC-BY License.